NBA Cares Charity Project

                                                                                            NBA Cares

People in the world don’t have safe places to live,learn and play. So NBA took care of that,the NBA’s mission is addressing important social issues in the United States and all around the world. NBA Care built more than 277 safe places where kids and can live,learn, and play in 37 different countries and territories. For more information go to their website here

NBA Care Launches 

NBA Care is launched in Oct 18  2005 for a global outreach initiative. The NBA teams and it player will contribute over 100 million dollars for charity causes and do over 100 millions hours of hands-on services for local communities and around the world.  They will built 100 safe places where kids and learn,live, and play together for years to come.



Who they help

NBA Cares helps people all around the U.S. and worldwide from Boston all the way to Beijing China. They works with internationally-recognized,youth-serving programs,organization that are for those social issues.They also help with people with health related causes.For more info go to


Ongoing Projects

NBA Cares on going project is nothing huge they just continue to help other peoples in need wherever they go and put  a smile on everyone’s faces



Ways We Could Help

Since you can’t donate NBA Care itself you could also donate to their most trusted partner that help them with their same cause and make the world a better place. Go to this website to check out its partners hope that we will all donate and make the world a better place for everyone.

Thanksgiving Tradition


The event that Americans commonly call “Thanksgiving” was celebrated by the pilgrims after their first  harvest in the new world on october 1621.The feast lasted 3 days and had 90 Native Americans and 53 pilgrims in attendance. My family traditions for Thanksgiving isn’t very American like because we are chinese but we still have our own traditions for Thanksgiving.First we all have a family gathering at my house and eat out from a hot pot.Secondly we all split up and go to places that are open and fun. Thirdly we go to my house and watch a movie or sports action.

Family Gatherings

First thing my family and I do is when we wake up in the morning and get ready.When I wake up,I put on my clothes,wash my face,brush my teeth then do my hair. I do chores like cleaning the house,wash dishes ,vacuum the carpet,setup the tables,then setup plates,napkin and chopsticks,Then I go on my phone until families come over then we played  video games and go outside until the food is ready.After the big feast we all go separate ways to where we want to go.

                                                                                                                        Fun Places

Once we all go separated ways.We all go somewhere that is open and fun.We sometimes go to Luray, Lanes,Altitude,Grand prix karting indoor,Q-zar Laser tag.After we were done having fun in the place were at we go to the mall at 6 cause that’s when they open we would usually stay there till like 9 or 10 depending on the line to wait to check out.Afterwards we pick up a movie to watch for the whole family and set of to home.

         Movie Time And Activities  

When we get home,we set up ideas for snacks,drinks and activities for the movie.The snacks and drinks that are set up are mostly chinese type.We set up broad games like twister,Go,Connect 4,chinese checkers and etc.All of us usually stay up to like 4 or 5 in the morning then we’ll take our naps.After we wake up after that long day.We all said our goodbyes and tell them to come more often well at least that’s what my family’s says.


That is what my family do for Thanksgiving.We do a family gathering then we go to fun places then the mall to buy stuff,buy a movie then head home for movie time with delicious snacks and drinks with awesome people.What is your family tradition for Thanksgiving comment below.




Ways To Stop Drug and Alcohol Addiction

You have probably heard on the news people die because of drug addiction and alcohol addiction and even overdose on the new.In the year 2017 according to more than 72,000 people estimated deaths from overdose.All the other drugs used in 2017 has a combined death of 30,000.

Ways To Stop Drug And Alcohol Addiction


A Lot of people find it very hard to stop addiction but these simple facts will help you or others to stop addiction easier.

The first way for help is get help from friends/peers that you trust the most. Some kids wrongly believe that doing drugs or drinking alcohol will make them more acceptable and popular with other kids. Not giving into peer pressure can and will prevent drug addiction.The second way for help to stop addiction is start eating a healthier meal everyday.Eating a healthy diet and exercising daily is one way of preventing drug and alcohol addiction. Being healthy and active makes it easier for you and others to deal with life stresses.


Ways To Prevent Drug And Alcohol Addiction.


Staying out of drug and alcohol is very hard for some peers going to a party and their buddies force them to drink and try drugs and alcohol. Here of some ways to prevent that from happening. First stay healthy and stay busy and motivated. Create a list of things you could do. Plan this list earlier. For example, make a to-do list for the week. When you have free time. List as many as you could so you could choose something from the list to do.The second way to prevent addiction is to go outdoor when your bored and go explore and go somewhere with your friends.That way your mind more focus on what your going to do next and less focus on drug and alcohol addiction.

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Vision Board Of My Future

Personal Goals

Have you ever thought about your next step in life or what you want to be when you grow up. I have,my personal goal is wanting to be a NBA player.If I don’t make it I would follow my dad’s footstep and be owner/chef in my own restaurant. I wanted to bring more interesting asian cuisines to America so people can have a taste of my culture and know what we ate back in China and other asian countries.

School Goals

I have a lot of goals for my school career. Both of my parents put pressure on me to do better in school. My personal goals is get good grades in school good enough that colleges would accept me like Ohio University. What i’m most proud of this year is I finished 2 books all by myself. This is special for me because I have never finished a book once in my life until now.

 Overall only 3 thing right now matters to me in life. The 1st one is make it to the NBA I just wanted to play the game I want for the rest of my life. The 2nd goal I have in my mind are traveling across the globe. The reason behind that is I want to learn about other countries culture and they are so many beautiful sights out there waiting for me to go see them. The 3rd goal I have in my life is going to college. If I go to college and graduate I would have good jobs that will pay me a lot of  money and make my parents proud and run a business of my own. That’s it for me now I hope you enjoyed it. What does your vision broad look like! Comment down below.

Character Analysis

Owen From Story Thieves



Owens personalities in the novel are untrustable because he agreed to Bethany before jumping into a story to not talk to the character or do something that affects the story. He didn’t listen and did everything Bethany told him not to do. There are more personalities for Owen he is always Independent like an outcast from the school. He is always curious,silent, an boredom.


At lunch Owen tries to find Bethany because when he look away then looked back she was gone. Owen follow the way Bethany was going instead he finds a book on the floor that Bethany was holding but couldn’t find Bethany. Then he checks the book out he saw it  was a Book from the public library then decides to returning after school. When he got to the book to view it Bethany hands poked out from the book. Owen was shocked that she could jumped into books they jumped into the book War Of The World and so on. Bethany told Owen not to tell anyone and not talk to each other again and left. That night Owen couldn’t sleep he want Bethany to be in school tomorrow so he could jump into more books.

Events That Has Changed Owen

Everything changes after Owen found out his classmate Bethany climbing out of a book in the library .That was the event that changed Owen because he thought life was boring when you live in a real world.After that Owen made her a deal if she takes him into his favorite book series he will keep her secret safe. Bethany agreed but made a deal to Owen not to change the book events. When they went into the book Owen saved the Magister from Dr.Verity and tell the Magister that he is a fictional character in a book. Bethany got mad when that happened and left Owens house afterwards.

Owens Change From Beginning To End.

At the beginning of this novel Owen was a daydreamer thinking about stuff not related to school and he was a outcast in school. When he found out Bethany secret he changed into a stalker and he was always curious. When he meant a character named Nobody after he told a fictional character that he’s fictional character from a book. The Magister took Bethany power from jumping in and out of books with his apprentice and went into the real world. The Magister trapped owen in a dimension that was endless darkness. Then he met Nobody he told Owen to go to the real world to stop the Magister and turn everything back to normal. Instead he was selfish and he told Nobody to turn him in kiel the apprentice and go back into the book to have fun. In the book Owen almost died and he knew he made the wrong decision.When he was going to get a heart transplant and passed out Bethany brought Owen to the real world and took Kiel back to the book. After that Owen said sorry and he would never to it again.

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My Adventure on a Stranded Island

                            My Cruise just dropped me and my 1 friend of a Island for vacation. The friend I choose to bring is Roman R because he actually take stuff serious and smart somewhat. The first thing we would do is one person will build shelter and the other will find food and drinkable water. We would need to build fire to cook our food and stay warm.We have to find useful equipment to help us during this adventure.

                             The 3 items I would bring with me is a knife to help me cut stuff  like meat for food and to cut of animal fur to stay warm. The main reason in would bring my knife is for protection from animals or other humans I don’t know about.

I would bring my glasses so I could see better. Glasses are important to me so when I hunt for food I could have better aim cause I have bad eye sight. It will help me see farther and better to search for more resoures.

The last but not least a dairy. The only reason is so I could write all about my adventure I had in a Stranded Island.So in the future I could read it to my children and they could read it to thier children. So it will past down for generations to come. If its possible I would love to publish my dairy so more people could have a thrilling adventure just like mine. If you like my writing. Please leave a comment and feedback of what I need to do better so I could improve my skills for writing.


Favorite Author and his stories

                                                                                          Favorite Author                                

Do you have a favorite book? Imagine sitting down with that author and sharing your thoughts on this book. In a blog post write them a letter that shares your personal reflections and connections to their writing. My favorite author is Dr.Seuss. He is my favorite author because of the books he has written and his life achievements.

Why I love his book

Dr.Seuss is my favorite author of all time.Here are several reason why. His books are funny and entertaining to read when you relax and calm your mind. I enjoy the language he put in his books like rhymes and the tongue twister he puts in them.The pictures he put on his are funny as well.


The connections I had with his books are Green Eggs and Ham because in that book sam keeps asking his friends to eat the food just like my mom. They won’t give up until they eats their food.So at the end sam’s friends ate the food just like I did and we both liked it that was the only connection I could make with Green Eggs and Ham.

Personal Reflection

From reading his book up until now I feel proud for what I’ve done. From the beginning where I hated books till now that I like books. Dr.Seuss’s books Inspired me to turn into a better person and being nicer to others.



  1. I have tons of questions to be asked for Dr.Seuss if he was still alive. Here are question that I am dying to ask.The first question I would ask him is what is his real name. I only knew him by Dr.Seuss because I never searched it up.The 2nd question is why did he start writing book for kids to make us kids,enjoy reading his book. That is it for my writing if you like my writing please leave me a comment.

Unorganized? Prepare to be more organized this year.

Organization is key to success in school. The passage will answer questions about how to be more organized in school so you don’t lose important stuff such as school work and supplies. One way that we could make you more organized is to buy different color and label each color each class. That way you don’t have all subjects jumbled up in one folders and losing paper everyday. If you do that it could help you be more organized and know what folder to get for each class.

So that you don’t have to dig threw your one folder to find papers you need. Plus get a trapper keeper and store those folders in the binder and so you don’t have to get folders in your locker for every class and stop wasting time and don’t get yelled at by teachers if you lose your papers.  The second tip is to clean out lockers,backpack and binders.If you do all of those accomplished. You won’t have all the topics you already learn plus the topic your learning right now mixed up. If you do this then school organization will be a lot more easier and you don’t have to lose papers left and right everywhere and not get yelled at by teachers or colleagues.

I hope this passage help make you more organized and more successful. It will be appreciated if you guys will leave a comment to tell me what I needed to work on or need to get better on so I could have a better blog post next time.Thank you!